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Pilates for Dressage® Associate Instructors

Congratulations to those who achieved Level 1 Pilates for Dressage® Associate Instructor certification. Pilates for Dressage® Founder Janice Dulak hosted the first certification program in January 2015 in Ocala, Fla.

Associate instructors include:
• Julie Allen of Georgia 
• Jeanne Deitrich of Georgia
• Heiðrún Halldórsdóttir of Iceland
• Karen Leopardi - Massachusetts
• Victoria Torrie-Capen of New York

A Level 1 Pilates for Dressage® Associate Instructor is a certified Romana's Pilates instructor who has passed intensive training and understands how to teach riders how to achieve harmony with their horses using a foundation biomechanics and correct posture through Pilates. The program requires strict training and continuing education in order to allow associate instructors to best help clients and their horses.

This certification means associate instructors are qualified to teach:
Pilates for Dressage® mat classes
Pilates for Dressage® reformer sessions
Pilates for Dressage® mounted posture evaluation
Pilates for Dressage®  Level 1 biomechanics for riders on the horse

For more information on Pilates for Dressage® teacher training program or clinics, please contact Janice at

Janice on her horse RubaiyatPilates for Dressage® in Colorado

Janice will spend some time with Sarah Martin and Sarah's students at Taka Chi Dressage Stables from August 3–7. Lessons will be available on a daily basis. You can contact Janice to reserve a time.

You can check out all of Janice's current and recent activities in the Pilates for Dressage newsletter.

This issue includes news about Janice's clinics, and the PFD associate instructors!

Janice Accepting Students to Her Barn

Janice is accepting students at her barn this summer! Week long stays will include a daily private Pilates session at the Dulak Pilates Center and a Pilates for Dressage® lesson on your horse.  Week long stays will be $850 a week, and self-service stall and turn out for your horse will be $25/day.  Arrangements for staying at the farm with Janice and John can be made.

Contact Janice at for available dates.

"A Better Sitting Trot" published in Dressage Today magazine

Janice's article "A Better Sitting Trot," which outlines Pilates principles and exercises for helping equestrians ride better, was published in the May issue of the major dressage periodical Dressage Today. This is a big feather in Janice's cap!

About this article, one reader wrote:

"Hi Janice, I just read the article on stretching the hips in Dressage Today from May and wanted to thank you for such a simple but important piece of information. I had an injury to my right hip and its always a challenge to keep it supple. The doorjamb stretch can be done anywhere and it really gets to that hip flexor! I'm planning on doing it daily in hopes to keep both of my hips mobile between the rolfing sessions..." —Ania K

Nine Pilates Essentials for the Balanced Rider: A Magic Circle Workout  Janice's new DVD, with a whole new series of exercises for the rider, is available now! Published by Trafalgar Square Books, it is available from our shop or from Horse and Rider Books.

In this DVD, Janice shows you nine essential body "parts" that are the key to "speaking" to your horse with sophistication and eloquence. Using the "Magic Circle" exercise ring in a series of exercises, riders get a workout that trains these specific parts in ways that instantly apply to your riding.

Recent Events

Janice co-taught with Linda Parelli an advanced Game of Contact course, June 2012 | Stoneleigh Park, UK.

List of past clinics

Recent Articles

Janice's "Moves of the Month" article appeared in the March/April issue of Pilates Style magazine.

Janice's idea for Dressage Today's "Solutions" was published in the September 2014. This is her third "Solutions" entry that has been published in this premier dressage magazine.

About Pilates for Dressage®

Janice Dulak, author of several books and DVDs, including the best-selling Pilates for the Dressage Rider, has used her long time experience of communicating non-verbally as a professional dancer and her Master Instructor Pilates knowledge to create a complete training program for the rider: Pilates for Dressage®.

During a riding lesson, a student will often hear commands, such as: "More inside leg! Lift your chest! Shoulders down. Right rein! Sit deeper, and get your heels down!" Almost never is the student taught how to specifically do any of these things.

Pilates for Dressage® teaches the rider how to use the body to be effective in communicating non-verbally to the horse. The Pilates for the Dressage Rider book and DVDs, and Janice's clinics, all work in combination for a complete training method to help you achieve "the rides of your life."
Read more about Janice's training philosophy...


"Janice's knowledge of the rider's body and how it affects the horse's body is profound and when she showed me what "collection" and "engagement" felt like in my own body I was astounded.  I am privileged to study with Janice for weeks at a time and I have great respect for her work.  As a teacher she is funny, engaging, knowledgeable and effective."

- Linda Parelli
Parelli Natural Horsemanship


Watch our YouTube testimonials!


Thanks Janice, a real treat to have one on one sessions with you. I found it a real eye opener to discover the tension I was holding in my body, and how to release it through the connecting of my body and the stretching. Amazing how small of an adjustment it took, for such dramatic results.Translating to the riding, I was able to carry and support myself in a more relaxed, connected and efficient way. This of course made it a lot easier for Mr Willis to do his job:).

- Isabella Campbell


"Hi Janice, just wanted to drop a quick message to say thank you so much for all your help on the Advanced GOC course @ Stoneleigh, UK. It may have felt like torture at times ;-) but the difference has been back which I have had many issues with over the years feels amazingly flexible, and my osteopath cannot believe the difference. So I am signing up to a Pilates class and have been studying your DVD to try and keep the good work going. Best of all Moses [my horse] is going great and our lateral work is suddenly so easy! I am really looking forwards to progressing as I get better."

- Nadia Meadows


"Janice, You are a genius! After just one session with you, and the awareness you gave me of new muscles, my horse has become so relaxed and connected under feels amazing....and she is getting her leads and turning off my new seat muscles! I am so happy and grateful to you! So excited for more learning from you! Thank you!!!"

- Sarah Grimm
   Licensed Parelli Professional


"That week with you and Linda has opened up a whole new level of understanding and awareness!!! It was great to see Edward demonstrate all the things you had told us on the course!! Unfortunately I have been ill since the course and have got to have surgery in 10 days time, but,with the little I have done with Woody - wow!! - what BIG changes I experienced :-) I can't wait to continue improving myself physically so I can truly be a great dance partner for Woody. Thanks again for an amazing week at Stoneleigh!!! "

- Sarah Dickinson


"Janice - the Pilates clinic with Reform and DaCory farms was life changing for me. I am so glad I participated and hope to take a clinic with you again. Warm regards, Kim."

- Kim Saville


"Riding well takes core strength, flexibility and body awareness. Pilates has helped me to understand, control and strengthen my core muscles. It has also helped me to use my arms and legs more independently and to maximize the effectiveness of my aids. I recommend Pilates for anyone who is serious about their sport or using their body more effectively."

- Barb G.
Rider pictured in Janice's book, Pilates for the Dressage Rider.


"Hey Janice, I have been really "feeling" your energy. (Ouch!) Great to work with you, also everyone had nothing but rave reviews about their sessions with you. We are all looking forward to our next time. You made my job so much easier and more credible. Thanks again!"

- N. Kleiner, Bloomington, IN
USDF Certified instructor Bronze, Silver Medallist
USDF Judge


"Thank you for your extraordinary book and DVD! I have been riding with back pain for years and searching for a solution. Have been studying Alexander, Feldenkrais, Rolphing, Yoga and more in my quest to find a solution without success until finding your teaching! What an incredible difference your material has made to me and my horse, we are finally riding in harmony and painfree thanks to you! We are so very grateful!!"

- S. Grimm


"Wow....I had a 2 hour lesson with Janice Dulak today...oh my ...wowie wow! She is teaching us to ride through our cores. she would have me contract my belly muscle and not change anything else...and my high headed Morgan would immediately lower her head...quite amazing to experience. There are so many itsie bitsie muscle changes that make immediate and dramatic results in the horse...I can't recommend Janice enough!"

- Barb Stanley


"It has been a wonderful week so far! Thanks for sharing everything and your passion and dedication are a real treat to see and be immersed in during class - and after class for that matter - you still have me thinking!!"

- Carmen Smith, Parelli Instructor


"The boot camp this week was horses have never gone better, they thank you, too."

- Gina Durfee


I can't thank you enough for what you have done for my riding! We have come so far so fast! Thank you and hope to see you this winter!

- Mimi Mallonee-Benton

Pilates for Dressage

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Janice just made a video for, about how Pilates can change your posture, and can improve your ability to ride your horse. This site contains training videos from prestigious trainers world-wide. Congratulations to Janice!

Check it out — you're sure to learn something from it.

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Pilates for the Dressage Rider


My passion and commitment to you, the rider, is to teach you the power of the non-verbal physical, so that you will communicate more effectively with your horse.

Pilates for Dressage® is work based on my 30 years of experience as a professional dancer, my 20 years as a Pilates Instructor and 10 years as an avid dressage rider. With the publishing of my book in 2006, my work has continued to grow, helping riders from beginners to upper level dressage, and influencing riding genres from Natural Horsemanship to USDF Dressage clubs. 

Come find out what you can learn.


Nine Pilates Essentials for the Balanced Rider

Available now from our shop, or from Horse and Rider Books.   Read Reviews of this DVD.

In this DVD, Janice shows you the nine essential body "parts" that are the key to "speaking" to your horse with sophistication and eloquence.
By incorporating the "Magic Circle" exercise ring in a series of exercises, Janice gives you a workout that trains these specific muscles in ways that instantly apply to your riding.