The Dulak Pilates Center is the most established and fully equipped Pilates studio in East Central Illinois. Our promise to you, our client, is that you will be trained in the Pilates Method to the highest standards, as taught to us by our teacher, Romana Kryzanowska, the protege of Joseph Pilates.

At the Dulak Pilates Center, we will teach you the principles and concepts of Pilates to help you to live more fully in your body. Whatever your goals are — whether you want to get stronger, gain flexibility, run faster, golf better, or just get around without pain — Dulak Pilates Center is committed to helping you move better, with ease, efficiency and power.






Before pilates my back was a sea of pain, with weak muscles and noticeable atrophy. I have gained so much strength, muscle shape tone that now returned to favorite sport running — something I had to give up six years ago. My pain is all but gone, too!"

    -- Dorothy L.


"You are serious about what you do, but bring such a joy of discovery to your work that, that is what really shines through."

    -- Lisa Libman

"Pilates is a terrific exercise system. The Dulak Pilates Center is a terrific place to learn this way of exercising the body. The trainers are incredibly well-trained in the most authoritative Pilates routines and so aware of each person's weaknesses and strengths. The studio is warm and welcoming with excellent equipment. Being a student there has changed my life!"

    -- Sandy Camargo   


"...thank you for the reminder! I'm out of town till mid-November, but I have already made some appointments to resume with Elizabeth when I return!!

In the meantime, I'm keeping up with Pilates practice down here in New Orleans at Uncle Joes Pilates Center... They were very happy to have a *new* client coming from such a well respected place!! By the way, Carla (the instructor there) said that it's obvious that Elizabeth has trained me well!! So many many thanks to all of y'all and we will see one another as soon as I get back!!

(I know it's a lot of exclamation points, but I'm just so excited)!!!

-- Andrea Hartman

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All sessions include the whole Pilates system of mat work and apparatus.

Private sessions  $65 - $80
Semi-private sessions  $45 - $50

We also offer an Introductory Pilates Package. A 15% savings over our regular prices, this $180 offer includes:

• 3 private lessons with one of our certified instructors

Joseph H. Pilates

Dulak Pilates Center is dedicated to the teachings of Joseph H. Pilates. Joseph Pilates was born in Germany and developed his exercise method called “Contrology” as a way to help himself overcome childhood illnesses. His work is based on flexing and stretching the muscles with control.

Originally, his exercises were only done on the mat where the only resistance is the body itself. However, because this is the most difficult work to feel and do correctly, Joseph created apparatus based on spring resistance which helps the student understand exactly which muscles to engage to create a movement.

What can Pilates do for me?

Pilates can give you the movement experience of a dancer!  Who doesn’t want to move like that? It will keep you strong and flexible and teach you to move with a total sense of the body.

Is all Pilates the same?

No, in fact, not all Pilates is the same. In his lifetime, Joseph Pilates taught a lot of people who have since carried on his work. However, Romana Kryzanowska is the only one who stayed by his side in the New York studio until he died in the 1960’s. Joe left all his writings and research records to Romana. To me that suggests that, although all Pilates is good for you, the original teachings lie in those who are certified through Romana.